Washington Post

In Valerie Strauss’s Answer Sheet: The Troubling Shortage of Latino and black teachers — and what to do about it.

Le Monde

Cited by Le Monde on the U.S. student loan crisis: “Prêts Etudiants aux Etats-Unis: les Nouveaux Subprimes?”.

CentrePiece Magazine

“In Brief: Assessed by a Teacher Like Me.” on the paper published in Education Finance and Policy. “Pupils’ Progress: How Children’s Perceptions Influence their Effort” Feature based on the paper “Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Biases: Experimental Economics in Schools”, joint with Lionel Page, published in the Journal of Public Economics, Volume 103, September 2013.

France 24

“French Education Reform: The End of History?”


“Statistiques Ethniques: Sortir des Faux Debats.”

U.S. Academy of Science

Social Interaction - Amine Ouazad, INSEAD from Kavli Frontiers of Science on Vimeo.


Forbes India, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph (shows journalists’ various levels of understanding of the research paper; please read the Journal of Public Economics publication before reading the news coverage).